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šŸ§  Discourse AI (advanced)

Our one-stop solution for integrating Artificial Intelligence to your Discourse community, and making it easier to use and moderate.

What does it do?

Discourse AI offers a wide range of modules that can be enabled independently to assist community managers, members, and moderators.

On the Enterprise plan, these modules include:

  • Discourse AI Bot, a chatbot that allows direct integration with generative AI powered by either OpenAI ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, and Stable Diffusion
  • Composer AI Helper, a module that can suggest a suitable title, help you format your posts, proofread your writing, and even translate to English.
  • Summarization, a module that can condense lengthy topics into a concise summary
  • Semantic suggested topics and search, a module that can automatically find related discussions (Embeddings)
  • Toxicity, a module that reviews content that may be harmful and flags it
  • NSFW, a module that can detect the use of NSFW images in posts and chat messages across your community
  • Sentiment, a module that can automatically classify the sentiment and emotion score of every new post in your Discourse

How do I use it?

To learn more about how the Discourse AI plugin can be configured, take a look at the plugin topic on our Meta community.

āœØ Discourse AI (advanced) is available on Enterprise hosting plans.