Sales Tax

To comply with tax regulations for our services, we apply sales tax in all jurisdictions where it is required of us.

Locations where we collect taxes

We collect sales taxes for US-based customers who are located in the following states:

How tax rates and location are determined

Sales tax applicability and tax rates vary based on the product and tax jurisdiction that you reside in, we work with Avalara to determine the appropriate rates based on your location.

Your tax location is determined by your billing address.

Updating billing address

If your billing address is incorrect, you can check your billing address based on your payment method.

To update your billing address if you are paying by credit card click the “Billing Details” button in your site’s Admin dashboard to update your billing address on file.

If you are currently paying via ACH/wire transfer: Contact us at with your updated details.

Sales tax exemptions

Each US state has their own sales tax exemption rules. We must receive your state-specific tax exemption documentation. An IRS tax exemption letter will not be sufficient as not all US federal exemptions are recognized by each state.

If your organization is tax-exempt, please share your state-specific tax exemption documentation with us at

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