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👩‍💻 Assign

Ensure topics are handled by assigning them to your staff.

What does it do?

Discourse Assign allows staff to assign topics to staff, helping sites manage ownership of topics and track tasks. Assign defaults to private, so only staff can see assignments. Assign adds a “tag like” annotation on the topic list and topic header with the username of the assigned user. It also provides each user with a list of all topics assigned to them.

How do I use it?

To use Discourse Assign the plugin must first be enabled via site settings. Once enabled, staff will see an Assign button at the end of each topic (public and private). Staff can then assign the topic any staff member, including themself. Assign also supports automatic assignment features, including assign by staff mention and assign when the post matches a regular expression. Sites can also configure assignments to be public, allowing regular users to see which staff member is assigned to a given topic.

✨ Assign is available on Business and Enterprise hosting plans.