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🔺 Post Voting

Upvote or downvote posts within various topics; see the most popular posts.

What does it do?

The Post Voting plugin allows your community to vote on individual posts within a topic. This turns each post voting topic into a dynamic, crowd-sourced ranking system, as posts with the highest votes get prioritized in the list. 🗳️ With no limit on up and downvotes, your community members can actively shape the conversation and help bring the most insightful content to the forefront.

How do I use it?

Using the Post Voting plugin is straightforward. Once activated in the site settings, you can choose to enable Post Voting on a per-topic basis or set it as the default for all topics within a category, giving you the flexibility to tailor its use to your community’s needs. In Post Voting mode, members can share their thoughts, vote on existing posts, and further the discussion through comments.

✨ Post Voting is available on Business and Enterprise hosting plans.